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An introduction to my family
  My immediate family is made up of 6 people, 4 of which are living in a very big and nice house we found in South Houston. The other 2 are living together in a nearby apartment complex.
My family loves spending time together, reading, laughing, playing D&D, and being in plays. My siblings and I are homeschooled and Unitarian Universalists and always have been both, so we're not exactly normal, but we're fine with that! In fact, we kind of love being weird. We're all Trekkies, actors and singers, and we all pretty much adore traveling.
You can read a little bit about my extended family under Polly at the bottom of the page.

Kathleen (normally called Kibby) is my 20 year-old sister. She's been working really hard recently since she's taking classes at San Jacinto Community College, keeping track of her awesome boyfriend Sean, and rehearsing for Steel Magnolias at Pasadena Little Theatre. Kibby likes to write, sing, dance, act, and make herself known to the world as a funny and often delightful human being. Kibby is a strong-minded person, a good leader, and a nice big sister. Her birthday is December 31st, and her favorite color is red.

Will is my 15 year-old brother. He and I were roommates for years, and so we're very good friends, and can normally understand each other; even at 2:00am! He's a very talented pianist, artist and singer, magician, and he's an absolute tech-nerd. Sometimes it's infuriating to spend too much time with him, because he's seemingly good at anything he tries to do. Will likes the word "crud", and makes really good brownies when he feels like it. Currently, he's rehearsing for the part of Barnaby in Hello, Dolly! at Clear Creek Country Theatre.

Forrest, or Fobie, as we normally call him, is a very imaginative 11 year-old. He creates worlds with super-heroes and super-villains, and loves playing character games. He talks a lot, and tries to understand everything he sees or hears. He loves reading, talking, discussing, acting, singing, and telling puns. He's the smartest 10 year-old I've ever known, and, though he still has a lot to learn, I can respect him for working so hard, and be proud of him for what he has learned.

Mommy's real name is Mary K., but she's mostly called "Mommy", since her children are her most prominent companions. Right now, she's starting a job at our church (Bay Area Unitarian Universalist) as the Director of Religious Education. She's also rehearsing to be in the chorus of Hello, Dolly! at Clear Creek Country Theatre.

Daddy, or Martin, as he's usually called, is my father, and a goof. He loves hosting D&D games with the family, taking us on road trips, and talking and debating. He lived in San Leandro, California for 3 years, but when we moved to Houston, his company offered to transfer him, and now he's living in Houston, just 5 minutes from our house! He works as a computer guy with OSI Soft, and he enjoys playing online multiplayer games, especially with Will.

Ursula Vasilopita Jackson Isaacs is Ron's (Mommy's ex-boyfriend) dog Doodles' baby. Doodles had 2 litters before she got fixed, and before we moved, and so we adopted Ursie to be a companion for Maya. They are pretty much inseparable. Just a little side-note, Ursie is a champion sitter. When you tell her to sit, she hits the floor like a stone. If only she could do that with "stop" or "come", or "Ursie, you mongrel, what the heck are you doing!?!?"

Noel/Ellie is a very neurotic tortie. She's sweet most of the time and very tolerant of people in general. We found her in the Ozark Mountains when we were vacationing, and back then she was a pretty tough cookie. Now she's rather lazy, but we love her just the same. She's moved in with Kibby and Daddy and her sister, and is living happily on their sofa.

Polyhymnia/Polly is also a tortie, and she used to look so much like Ellie that friends we had for years thought they were the same cat. Polly is not as tolerant as Ellie, and much more vocal. She yowls and whines and complains and talks all the time, especially when you're willing to talk back. She's a very pretty cat, and we got her for Christmas one year when she was an incredibly cute kitten. She's now living with Kibby and Daddy and her sister, and is very good at hiding in their left-over moving boxes and scaring us out of our wits.

Maya was my puppy for 3 1/2 years before she was hit and killed by a car in early October, 2007. She was a 3 year-old Border Collie/German Shepherd/Retriever/Chow mix, and I got her when she was 2 months old for my 14th birthday. We were practically best friends her whole life. Maya was kind of a worry-wart (I think she got that trait from me), and was so nervous about messing stuff up that sometimes she would upset herself for no apparent reason. Mommy said that when she was alive she seemed more human to her than most dogs, because she would go through mood swings that were sometimes completely inexplicable. She was incredibly sweet, incredibly smart, and an amazingly good girl, and I miss her with all of my heart.

My extended family
  You can read about my extended family members here.
My extended family

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